Choosing a video production company.

How does it look, sound and feel?

Evaluate the quality, creativity, and style of their previous work.  Examining a video production company’s past work is the most important step in the process of choosing a good video production company.


Study the production quality of their videos, including cinematography, editing, sound, and overall visual appeal. 


Judging their work lets you determine the company’s ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas that align with your brand and marketing objectives.


Look for consistency in the quality of their work across different projects.  Check if they have experience creating videos for businesses like yours or within your industry.  Assess how well they can convey a compelling story through their videos.


Ensure that their video style aligns with your brand identity and target audience. Or if they are flexible enough to adapt to the look you want.  If their existing portfolio of work is broad in video styles, then chances are they can deliver what you are looking for.


Check if they can produce a diverse range of videos, from promotional to educational, depending on your needs.  Less important but look for videos that have a similar purpose or objective to your project. They should be able to adapt.


By reviewing their work, marketing managers can make informed decisions about which video production company best suits their project requirements and brand vision.


I could come up with more “technical” things to look for but really its simple.  When you watch one of there videos do you feel like they captured what the subject is all about?  And as visually appealing as it could have been for what the subject was.


The stuff you can’t know about choosing a video production company, until you work with them, are things like can they think on their feet, hit the ground running?  Are they fast and do they impact the normal running of your business?


And after all that, pick Colourberry 😊

Written by Simon Bailey

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