Video production in Sydney

Company video production for one of Sydney's largest truck dealerships

Sydney Trucks & Machinery required a company video and three client testimonial videos. 


Filmed and edited by Simon Bailey

Project producer


Timeline : 3 days (1 day shoot, 2 days edit)

Location : STM Sydney

Deliverables : 1 company video 4K, 3 client testimonial videos 4K, high resolution still images.

Video production Sydney

Filming day

Sydney Truck & Machinery needed to showcase their services and capabilities and knew a company video was the best way to do it. 


We flew into Sydney the day before filming ready for a early start. For some reason we always seem to be lucky with the weather. 


Filming went well and working with STM’s team was a pleasure. Very professional and helpful. 



Our usual approach after arriving is meet everyone we will be working with throughout the day so everyone is introduced ready for later when we get to each department/area.  Then do a walk around so we are familiar with the layout. 


After that we knocked off the drone shots and exteriors just in case the weather turned so we’d have that ticked off.  And from there into each area of STM going through the script filming through the rest of the day. 

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Budgeted 2 days for the edit.  Our edit to filming ratio on company videos is usually around 2:1 with elements like the amount of 3D animation required adding to the edit stage.

Industrial Video production Sydney

Project takeaways

All pretty standard, good shoot, good edit. 


Second project with the new camera after upgrading to the Red Komodo.  Absolutely love this camera.  6K of just gorgeous 16bit pixels and so compact.  The image is so natural.  I’ve used to many cameras going back 30 years and whats available today is amazing. Love it.


Written by Simon Bailey

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Industrial video production Sydney logistics
Industrial video production Sydney logistics
Industrial video production Sydney logistics

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