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Professional video production

Should you use a video production company or do it yourself?

The answer is down to budget.  If you are starting out a couple of thousand dollars for a new product or new project video may not be affordable but as the business grows there may be room in your budgets for better content marketing.


Obviously I’m going to say hire professionals rather than taking photos or video with your phone to represent your business.

But here is why.

Wherever possible in all aspects of your company you try to hire professionals.  From accountants to welders, electricians, catering to cleaners.  You hire those whose job it is to know everything about that subject and its no different with video production professionals. Video producers have a very particular set of skills, no wait thats Liam Neeson. 


Have a very niche set of skills and to think its just picking up a camera and pointing it at something expecting a similar result would be like picking up a spatula and telling the kitchen staff to go home because you have it covered because you watch cooking shows.  Looks simple enough.


Today more than ever, image and reputation in the content we post online to our colleagues, clients and future clients has never been more important.


When a business posts video or photo content they take themselves, they are missing opportunities that the same post could have had. Take the following example.


Tracy’s Pool Company have just completed an installation and the customer is very happy. Tracey gets permission to post photos online and Tracey takes the photos and posts them along with some text. Tracys followers and connections in her social media see that she completed another pool but that’s about it.


Take the same situation but this time Tracey uses a video production company to produce a 2-3 min video on the completed pool project but this time her followers get the following from the post.


  • The pool video features Tracey talking about the project from start to end including challenges and solutions.
  • The happy client can give a testimonial to camera with the pool in the background.
  • Staff can add to the video which gives the viewer a good idea of what it’s like dealing with Tracys Pool Company
  • Moving camera shots give a better impression of the pool and its surroundings.
  • It’s a more polished production which reflects on Tracy’s business.  It looks more high-end and says Tracy is taking pride in the work and showing it off.

But the main takeaway for the viewer is, video when done well shows more than just the project, it shows who your company is.  That’s the missed opportunity photos or home video can’t give.

As well as professional video production services, we offer 3D animation services as well as web design and SEO (search engine optimisation).


Written by Simon Bailey

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