What Duration Should My Video Be?

Company, product or service video durations.

If you ask many marketing agencies and video companies how long should my video be?  They often repeat the same thing “Between 2 to 5 minutes”.  This has never sat right with me.


The answer is it depends.  It depends on a number of things but I’ve always believed as long as the video is still interesting and you have more to say then keep going.  


The viewer will only switch off if :


  • They get bored with what they are watching or its unpleasant.
  • If the content turns out to be not what they were looking for.
  • If it is what they were looking for and have seen what they needed and are happy with what they were looking for.


But when you get a viewer that’s found what they were after and isn’t getting bored then keep going because every minute extra they are gaining trust in you, your products or services.



You are after a plumber and you’ve done a Google search for plumbers in the local area.  Jack’s Crack Plumbing comes up in the video results.

Watching the video you will likely switch off if you feel they are the plumbers for you because you’ve seen enough and don’t need to see the rest, in this case any extra left on the video doesn’t hurt.


The point I’m trying to make is that length isn’t important if it stays interesting and relevant.  You will win or lose the viewer based on the content.


Written by Simon Bailey

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