Filming a distribution centre and its challenges.

CNHI Industrial Video Production

Filmed and edited by Simon Bailey

Project producer


Case needed a video to show the efficiency and vast range of parts they stock on hand.  They also wanted to communicate the speed of their delivery times.


Case CNHI and Case IH distribution centres are in the same location in the far western suburbs of Sydney, so we flew in the day before ready for an early start. 


Challenges for the full day shoot getting a wide variety of shot types like staff talking to camera, drone shots exterior and internally, timelapse shots, forklifts with mounted cameras, following staff, racking and so on.


Filming went smoothly and made the flight home that night ready to begin the editing phase of the project. 

Video production for CASE Distribution Centre


Editing I usually start the same way each time.  Firstly, backup all the footage and audio to two separate hard drives.  That includes drone clips and action cam clips if used.  Until all of that is backed up to two separate locations it isn’t safe. 


After the backups are done, I start the edit process.  Generally, for every one day of filming the edit side usually works out to 2 days’ work in the edit suite. 


After the base edit is done, I’ll go through and colour grade the footage.  It’s better to colour grade after the edit so that you dont grade clips that never made it into the edit unnecessarily.  But usually as I come across shots, I can’t wait to colour grade wanting to see how the look right away. 


The best part of filming and also being the person that edits the video is that I film with the edit in mind, its more than just ticking shots off the script, its knowing how those shots will intercut with each other because I’m picturing the edit as I go.  And then later when I’m editing its easier because I’m already familiar with the footage and audio. It really streamlines the process and reduces costs to the client and produces a better video product.


Case loved the finished video as do we and it gets good comments from others quite often.



Written by Simon Bailey

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