Video Ideas for Marketing Managers

Video interview and commercial for TV
3D animation for Natrad TV commercial
Video production with office worker
3D medical animation

1    Create a good company introduction video

2    Showcasing your company culture through video

3    Highlighting your company’s mission and values

4    Explaining your company’s products or services with video

5    Customer testimonial videos and case studies

6    Employee spotlight videos and case studies

7    Behind-the-scenes footage of company operations

8    Corporate event coverage and highlights

9    Video tour of your company’s facilities or offices

10   Company milestone celebration videos

11   Video interviews with company executives or thought leaders

12   Animated explainer videos for complex concepts or processes with our 3D animation services.

13   Product demos and tutorials in video format

14   Using video for recruitment and talent acquisition

15   Educational and info videos related to your industry

16   Video press releases and media announcements

17   Interactive videos for audience engagement

18   Virtual conferences and webinars in video form

19   Video annual reports summarising company achievements

20   Video customer support and FAQs for your products/services


Written by Simon Bailey

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