Ford Falcon G6 - 2003

This was an early project, really the start of Colourberry

In about the start of 2003 I was approached by a recruiting business in the UK that was looking for someone that could create convincing digital animations of a car driving on filmed road footage. 


I had left the Seven Network a few months earlier to do my own thing and the Ford project was a good fit. 


My work on the G6 visualisations spanned several years on and off as needed for different stages of the G6 design and build lifecycle.

Ford G6 engineering visualisation

3D Content deliverables for visualisations

3D animation.

3D high resolution still images.


Initially it was about seeing the car driving on roads years before the first car was ever made.  As Ford’s designers realised what was possible in 3d, remember this was 2003 and what we were doing on site in Fords design department had never been done before so they were seeing the possibilities. 

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Between 2003 and about 2007 I had done many projects with Ford Australia culminating in the engineering visualisations for the launch of Ford’s G6 which were featured on Ford’s website and in Wheels Magazine. 


The highlight for me was earlier on in 2004 when Ford need a 2 min animation to show off the G6 design at the AGM in the U.S. in order to get further funding to keep the project alive.  Very proud of the results. 



Written by Simon Bailey

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