About colourberry


Two brothers as well as a writer and producer project based.

30 years experience in broadcast television having worked on Sky Channel telecasts for a few years then Prime Network a few years more before moving to Seven Network Melbourne.  For the past 20 years solidly out on our own as colourberry.  Two name changes along the way but its staying colourberry now 🙂

Early Career Highlights

Our broadcast background had us working on television events like The Presidents Cup a few times, many Australian Open tennis and golf tournaments, Good Friday Appeals, a bunch of game shows, AFL and comedy shows.

Love of Content Creation

Educational 3D animation

We love the power of video’s ability to convey your message in a way no other medium can.  We love all the process needed for each field of content creation be it video, animation, audio, photography or web design. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, sometimes I wonder if I fell into it but really I made a bee line for it when the first opportunity came, and I stayed there.  I threaded a 16mm film projector when I was 5 to my parent’s surprise when they heard it from another room so they weren’t surprised when I ended up in broadcast.


We have a broad range of experiences and could take the business in different directions.  But we love it most when we can be a business’s one stop for marketing content. 

Ford 3D visualisation

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