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Ford G6 engineering visualisation

3D Animation Services

Our Animation Services

If your here chances are you already know you need a 3D animation service, but here is a full list of animation services we offer. 

Creative Animations

• Television commercials

• Music videos

• Kids TV shows

• Special effects

Product Animations

• Product design previsualisation

• Photoreal Product showcase

• Automotive and marine

• Product dissasemble components

Safety Animations

• Health and safey animation

• Induction videos

• Distance learning on safety

Technical Animations

• Medical training

• Medical products

• Component internals

Our 32 Year Animation History

Early Beginnings

We’ve been into 3D animation even longer than video production starting in 1991 on an Amiga 500. Way before Toy Story came out.


For anyone curious initially the software was Imagine, then Lightwave V1, switched to 3DS Max and stayed with that till about 1998 and then bought Maya on a half price promo for $22,000. Those were 1998 dollars 🙂


Ah, looking back, a madness it may seem, yet for the love of art, a lofty dream.

Stayed with Maya for about 10 years or more before switching to Cinema 4D  for about 4 years and now Blender, likely forever.  It’s awesome.


Thus, through the annals of time we tread, a legacy of artistry widespread, with every tool we’ve held, forever blessed, in the world of 3D, we’ve passed the test.

Training Animations

Using 3D animation for health and safety training videos provides many benefits.


  • Depict any situation
  • Easily modifiable compared to video
  • Control of the work environment including time of day and weather conditions
  • View a safety issue from any angle

Product Animations

Whatever kind of animation you are after, from training video through to car commercials, Colourberry can handle it. 


Product animations vary from commercials to products being dismantled or 360 degree animations.

Technical Animations

Sometimes a 3D animation is the only way to show internal processes, or microscopic worlds.  And sometimes products need a more technical breakdown visually. 


3D animation is especially powerful when the product has been designed but hasn’t been manufactured yet.  It allows you to show what it will look like, before spending any money on physical production.

Defence Visualisations

3D Animation Highlights

Natrad 3D animation 1996 by Colourberry

Natrad was our first 3D commercial broadcast Australia wide in 1996

Ford 2003

Victorian TAC commercial 2005

Ford 3D visualisation

Ford 2007

Australian Open 2012 full graphics package

Broadcast design package for Australian Open 2012

Educational 3D animation

Educational 3D animations 2014

Parksounds 3d commercial Brisbane

Parksounds 3D commercial 2016

AFL Super Clinic 3D animation

AFL Super Clinic 3D animation 2019

Waterco Q360 3D animation

Waterco Q360 3D animation 2021

Willylight 3D animated commercial

Willylight 3D animated commercial 2022

Paccar 3D product animation

Paccar accessories 2023

3D character for promo video

3D Roadrunner show 2001

3D Medical animations

Ansell medical animations 2004

3D Havianas commercial animation

Technical director for Havianas TVC 2006

Secret stuff at Toyota 2009

Orchy 3D animated commercials

Commercials for Coka-Cola product Orchy 2013

Kincrome commercial

Kincrome commercial 2015

Waterco 3D animations

Waterco 3D animations 2018

Supercharge Batteries 3D commercial

Supercharge Batteries 3D commercial 2020

Paccar T610 3D visualisations

Paccar T610 3D visualisations 2021

Safety animation

3D safety training series 2023

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